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Penn Democrats
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Penn Political Review
Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee (PIPAC)
Students for Justice in Palestine
J Street UPenn
Penn Environmental Group
Penn for Liberty
Undergraduate Economics Society
Government and Politics Association
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Penn Democrats Contact:

Rachel Pomerantz

Penn Democrats Website

Mission Statement:  The University of Pennsylvania Democrats is a student-run political organization open to all members of the Penn community – undergraduate and graduate alike. Our mission is to promote progressive political values on and off campus, through dialogue and action. Penn Democrats is the largest campus political organization at the University of Pennsylvania and is a hub for stimulating political discourse. We work closely with Democratic campaigns–at the municipal, state, and national levels–to support the election of progressive candidates to public office. Members of Penn Democrats participate in political campaigns, organize on-campus lectures and rallies, conduct voter registration drives, engage in debates, circulate petitions, and seek to stimulate discussion through issue-based activism. Although we promote progressive politics, we have great diversity of opinion among our members and welcome all Penn students to our events, regardless of political affiliation.
College Republicans Contact:

Sean Egan

College Republicans Website

Mission Statement:  The Penn College Republicans strive to promote conservative values and ideals, and create a strong community of conservative leaders at Penn. Please join us in executing this mission at this crucial time for the Republican Party and the future of our country.
Penn Political Review Contact:

Elizabeth Peng

Penn Political Review Website

Mission Statement:  The Penn Political Review aims to publish a diverse range of student opinions on political and social issues, to provide an outlet for student political opinion writing, and to promote political awareness and dialogue. These goals can and will be achieved through strategic partnerships, campus events, and other initiatives.
Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee Contact:

Samara Wyant

Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee Website

Mission Statement:  The Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee (PIPAC) is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the U.S.-Israel alliance through involvement in the American political process. PIPAC works on and off Penn’s campus to bolster support for a Jewish, democratic state of Israel living in peace and security. PIPAC is committed to accomplishing our goals through educating Penn students and faculty, the community-at-large, and current and future policy makers about the current issues and challenges surrounding the U.S.-Israel relationship, our mutual interests, and shared values.
Students for Justice in Palestine Contact:

Ajjit Narayannan

Ayah el-Fahmawi

Students for Justice in Palestine Website

Mission Statement:  A recognized student organization at the University of Pennsylvania since 2010, SJP seeks to educate the Penn community about the plight of the Palestinians while also advocating for an immediate end to ongoing human rights violations in Israel and Palestine. To advance such goals, Students for Justice in Palestine organizes a variety of direct actions, panel discussions, and cultural events throughout the academic year.
J Street U Penn Contact:

Dan Matthews

Zoe Braccia

J Street UPenn Website

Mission Statement:  J Street U Penn is a pro-Israel, pro-Peace organization that advocates for a peacefully negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On campus, we seek to mobilize and energize students to rally support for vigorous American leadership towards this end.
Penn Environmental Group Contact:

Susan Radov

Hannah Sanders

Penn Environmental Group Website

Mission Statement:  Penn Environmental Group (PEG) has evolved into an active and prominent student group on campus, the largest and most broad environmental-interest group at Penn. We currently have 5 committees dealing with a plethora of environmental issues: Education, Energy, Political, Waste Management and Water. We also hold a number of social and one-time-service events, and try to collaborate with other student groups on relevant issues. We pride ourselves in being a group where absolutely everyone can get involved, in whatever way they’d like to.
UPenn NAACP Contact:
Kassidi Jones
UPenn NAACP Website
Mission Statement:  The University of Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People strives to ensure the social, political, economic, and educational equality of all persons here at the University of Pennsylvania as well as in the Greater West Philadelphia area.
Penn for Liberty Contact:
Hunter Pearl
Penn for Liberty Website
Mission Statement:  Penn For Liberty is the University of Pennsylvania’s student group committed to the concepts of liberty and a free society; these concepts encompass several realms: personal, social, academic, economic, and civil. Penn For Liberty is Penn’s group committed to the idea of liberty, in love with humanity’s potential, and disillusioned by our contemporary political and social system.
Penn for Immigrant Rights Contact:

Pamela Fuentes

Dylan Zuniga
Penn for Immigrant Rights Website

Mission Statement:  Penn for Immigrant Rights is the first organization at the University of Pennsylvania led by undocumented youth and allies looking to increase the dialogue on immigration.  We look to provide a safe space to discuss the issues pertinent to the current immigration system and their effect on the community. Through such discussions, we hope to engage the UPenn community on behalf of equal access to higher education and equal opportunities for immigrant students regardless of immigration status. Our priority is to empower undocumented students and immigrant communities to raise their voices and challenge the system. PIR advocates for the passage of in-state tuition (HB 1956) for undocumented youth in Pennsylvania, as well as the federal DREAM Act.
Undergraduate Economics Society Contact:
Kamelia Stavreva
Undergraduate Economics Society Website
Mission Statement:  The Undergraduate Economics Society (UES) represents the economics major, one of the largest majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as all students interested in economics. We feature high-profile events such as a lunch with a Nobel Prize winner, Coffee Chats with faculty, a Lecture Series, and notable Penn alumni Speakers. Past speakers include Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, Moody’s forecaster Mark Zandi, and the Philadelphia Fed’s Keith Sill. We also work to foster a close-knit community interested in the area, and to be a resource for peer mentoring, tutoring, research, and graduate and job prospects. We also publish the International Undergraduate Journal of Economics, one of the very few student-run undergraduate publications in the country.
Government and Politics Association Contact:
Whitney Stewart
Government and Politics Association Website
Mission Statement:  The University of Pennsylvania Government and Politics Association shall promote the civic, political, and intellectual advancement of both the University and West Philadelphia communities in all ways made possible by its members, students of the University of Pennsylvania.
Penn in Washington, Associate Member Contact:

Luis Bravo

Penn in Washington Website

Mission Statement:  The Penn in Washington student club is an organization comprised of students that are interested in politics and would like to spend time working in Washington during their time at Penn. Throughout the school year and summer, PIW hosts events, speakers, and info sessions to help Penn students navigate the Beltway. The student club board helps with event planning and organizes social events.
Penn Education Society, Associate Member Contact:

Connor Augustine

Mission Statement: The Penn Education Society is an organization committed to fostering a community of leaders in education reform. We seek to accomplish this in three ways:

  1. We provide undergraduates with opportunities to engage in an ongoing dialogue via speaker events, regular meetings, and online resources.
  2. We connect with other on- and off-campus initiatives and local advocacy groups to implement change in the Greater Philadelphia Area.
  3. We publish the annual Penn Undergraduate Education Policy Review, which encourages undergraduate research in education.