POCO is proud to provide its member groups access to funding through the Synergy Committee. To apply for funding, please see the criteria and process below.

Synergy Committee

Key Criteria for Funding:

  1. You must be a POCO Full Member group to apply for funding.  If you are not a POCO Full Member group and want to apply for funding through the Synergy Committee, you must have your event co-sponsored by a POCO Full Member group and that organization will apply for funding.
  2. Your event must either develop a full member group’s presence on campus and/or be an educational event about politics and policy.  Collaboration is strongly encouraged.
  3. Your event must be open to all Penn undergraduates and no single event will be funded more than $750, which is 10% of the Synergy Committee’s current funding capacity.

Application Process for Funding:

  1. Are you a POCO Full Member group or an organization co-sponsoring with a PoCo Full Member group?  Do you have an event with a policy or politics focus that needs funding?  Then the Synergy Committee may be the place for you!
  2. Please apply to the Synergy Committee through the Common Funding Application at least 10 days prior to your event.
  3. The Synergy Committee Co-Chairs will send you details on when you should present your funding request to the committee.  If you have a representative on the Synergy Committee, he/she can present your group’s funding request.
  4. At that Synergy Committee meeting, you will present your funding request.
  5. One of the Co-Chairs will let you know within 48 hours regarding the degree to which your event has been funded.

If you run into errors while submitting the Common Funding Application, don’t worry – you can still apply to the Synergy Committee for funding through the Synergy Committee Funding Application: Submit to