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What to do

Create a slide with all of your event’s information and submit it to the person of contact. If you are having trouble creating something yourself, the staff managing the PVN Video Bulletin Board staff can help you construct a solid slide.

Who to contact



The Video Bulletin Board (ch. 2) is fully devoted to promoting and providing information about University programs, resources, student services, job opportunities, and Philadelphia-area events of interest. The information is delivered in a graphically dynamic visual environment, in continuous rotation and around the clock. The PVN Video Bulletin Board is offered free of charge. We can design an effective promotional message for you, that will run on the Video Bulletin Board (PVN Channel 2) around the clock. With nearly 8,000 students, faculty, and staff in PVN-wired residences, the Video Bulletin Board can be an effective and efficient way to put the Penn Video Network to work for your group or organization!