On Campus

PoCo represents the interests of its member groups and promotes political life on campus through a number of avenues, including several campus committees.

Undergraduate Assembly Steering Committee: As a member of the Undergraduate Assembly Steering Committee, PoCo joins a few dozen of the most influential student groups and umbrella organizations on campus in advising the Undergraduate Assembly on campus issues and voicing the concerns of PoCo’s constituent groups. PoCo’s seat in this important forum gives political groups at Penn a tangible influence in all major decisions related to undergraduate life.

Tangible Change Committee: The Tangible Change Committee (T-Change), which falls under the Vice Provost for University Life, is an organization devoted to funding events that bring disparate communities at Penn together.  By holding a seat on T-Change, PoCo (represented by Treasurer Varun Anand) ensures that political life is given proper consideration in determining allocation of financial resources to diverse events. PoCo constituent groups seeking more information about T-Change funding should refer to this presentation (provided by the committee).

University Life Committee: Housed in the Penn Alumni Office, the University Life Committee is responsible for ensuring that Penn Traditions, an Alumni Office program, is meeting the needs of the University’s diverse student communities and maintains a fund for student groups who engage with alumni. Through its seat on the committee (held by Vice Chair of External Affairs Petra Phang), PoCo ensures that its member groups are well represented and helps facilitate their interaction with Penn’s distinguished alumni.