Weekly Update

Hey PoCo,

Thanks for coming out to our meeting last week! We enjoyed talking with you and hope you all enjoyed yourselves and the free domino’s pizza. As this meeting was the last one before our elections, we would like to thank everyone for attending our GBM’s this semester and for participating in Political Action Week!

We would also like to invite you to a Happy Hour at Harvest, Next Thursday. Look out for more information in the next few days.

Here are the points we covered:

1. 2014 Board Elections

Election Details
Date: Monday, December 1st, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Huntsman G60

The term for each position is the 2015 Calendar Year

All candidates must be members of at least one of the Coalition’s Constituents or Associate Members. Candidates for Chair must have served at least one term as an officer of a Constituent Member or on the Executive Board. Candidates for Vice Chari positions must have been a member of a Constituent Member group for a least one year.


CLICK HERE to submit your application

For more information or questions, please contact varunanand48@gmail.com and antcruz@sas.upenn.edu

2. Synergy Committee Update 

Synergy Committee Chairs, Avivah and Kyle, have funded a lot of awesome events this semester for many of our member groups. There are two more meetings this semester, but we strongly encourage that you send in an application by the next Synergy meeting scheduled for November 22nd.

3. Political Action Week Recap

Political Action Week was a success and we were able to sponsor several events promoting political discourse on campus. For the full list of events, visit our website: https://pennpoliticalcoalition.org/political-action-week-2014/. Special shout out to our Vice Chair of External, Jennifer Knesbach and the PAW Committee for planning a successful week. Also thanks to Max Levy for designing our PAW 2014 banner.
4. SAC Recognition

We also spent some time discussing SAC recognition for political groups. As you know the SAC moratorium has been lifted but half of our members are not recognized by SAC. The benefits of SAC recognition include, money for yearly budgets and access to the SAC contingency fund which covers honorariums and travel expenses. Responsibilities of SAC membership include attending monthly meetings and submitting a yearly budget.

Submit applications by November 13th and November 20th here: SAC Application

To have your event featured on the Penn Political Coalition listserv, Facebook Page or Calendar – Contact our Communications Director at pennpoliticalcoalition@gmail.com

Tip of the Week: Looking for more funding for an amazing event you have planned? Check out our website for a list of funding sources!

News Update: New Perlman Center – www.thedp.com/article/2014/11/new-perelman-center

Feel free to contact the board for advice or questions about current and future projects

If you have any questions, contact pennpoliticalcoalition@gmail.com

On behalf of the PoCo Board,
Varun, Anthony, Kyle, Ezra, Jennifer, Avivah, Ese


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